Emerging Boarding Leaders Program

A career in boarding is both challenging and rewarding. The impact to be made with young lives is real and extremely fulfilling.

The Emerging Boarding Leaders Program is designed to equip participants with a tailored leadership plan, management skillset and a clear understanding of their career pathway of leadership in the boarding community. ABSA has partnered with key experts who will collaborate with participants to enhance their ability to provide a highquality, faster-tracked journey to leadership.

The program is targeted at staff who are keen to take on the next leadership role in areas such as:

  • Head of Boarding
  • Deputy Head of Boarding
  • Head of House / Year Level
  • Senior Boarding Staff Member
  • Those looking at entering the boarding field for the first time

We believe this will be useful providing those aspiring to such a position, and those who are new and inexperienced in their role. One of the key outcomes of the program is to foster a pool of dedicated, passionate and competent leaders ready to take on key roles in the boarding industry.

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