Student Wellbeing Software: Komodo

The world’s first boarding-specific wellbeing monitoring tool.


Komodo enables a proactive approach to boarder wellbeing, helping staff prevent student wellbeing concerns such as bullying, increased stress levels and poor sleep, before they become a problem.

Provide boarders with a voice when they need it most, and your parents with peace of mind knowing their child’s wellbeing is a priority in your boarding environment.

Staff can track student mental health, sleep quality, stress levels, academics and a whole lot more to ensure each and every boarder is thriving at school.



"Komodo is the wellbeing conversation starter St Paul's has been searching for. It provides us with insight into our students' wellbeing that is otherwise hidden and provides all students with a voice to be heard.”

Matt Holdgate, Housemaster
St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton

"One of the key values of Komodo is the ability to track students' wellbeing over time, noting changes from their normal patterns. The real-time nature of this means interventions can be timely. Komodo has also provoked one-to-one conversations with students, encouraging a culture of reflection and action towards self-care.

Daniel Rattray, Housemaster
King’s College, Auckland



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