Student Wellbeing Software: Komodo

The proactive, evidence based solution for school wellbeing strategy.

Make student wellbeing visible and enable a proactive, evidence-based approach to school wellbeing strategy. Komodo is the complete, wrap-around software and service solution that enables schools to build the best wellbeing strategies, measure their effectiveness and create the best possible environment for students.

Your wellbeing solution should be as unique as your school. We take the time to understand your school's values, wellbeing framework, challenges. From there, we deliver a tailored software solution that fits your school's wellbeing needs.

We provide:

  • Real-time, actionable data via highly configurable surveys for measuring student wellbeing and satisfaction.
  • Insights into student happiness and safety with intelligently highlighted wellbeing trends across your student cohorts.
  • A secure, accessible channel for students to openly voice concerns and request urgent assistance.
  • Our team, dedicated to providing your school with the best wellbeing advice, resources and support.

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Jack Wood

Chief Customer Officer
+64 21 083 10538