Storage and Boarder Support: Student Concierge Services

Supporting Australian Schools to provide a premium boarding experience

Student Concierge Services is an Australian-based boarding support service assisting educational institutions and their boarding students; both domestic and international. SCS provides a vast range of services designed to aid schools in ensuring their boarding facilities they offering are first class. 

  • Student Storage
  • Dry Cleaning – school blazers
  • Laundry Management
  • Uniform Labels
  • Uniform Labelling
  • Kabs4Kids Transport – Sedan, Van, Bus
  • Check-In Assistance at Airports/Trains
  • Additional Services – Birthday Cakes, Tutoring

Secure holiday storage allows schools the ability to let their clean and clutter free boarding houses with pride and give parents peace of mind that belongings are safe. Laundry management and transport, travel and labelling services ensure a superior product is extended to prospective and existing students. 

School Testimonials

I used Student Concierge for the first time at the end of 2016 to remove and store the girls belongings. The girls in the Boarding House had never had to remove their belongings over a term break before and this caused some significant issues in terms of thorough cleaning, security of their belongings and sheer volumes of what was being kept in their rooms and around the house. Initially there was kickback from the girls and their parents because it was change and it was different but the benefit far outweighed the angst. The maintenance team were able to get in and fix all of the little issues, the cleaning team were able to do a thorough deep clean and I knew that when external groups used the building my girls belongings were safely stored offsite. Their privacy was protected and it meant that a lot of unnecessary items were removed from their rooms and the Boarding House. A fresh, clean start for 2017!

Danielle and her team were fantastic! Incredibly organised and response times were very fast even for my annoying little questions. The removal was quick and did not disrupt the end of year activities at all. Student Concierge is a very professional organisation and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Caralyn Dea
Head of Boarding

Toorak College, Mt Eliza, Victoria


Student Concierge Services offers a fabulous network of services to our boarders at Kincoppal-Rose Bay: from transport (Kabs4Kids) to storage to the valet service, all offerings cater to making the experience of life away from home a little easier for our school, boarders and  parents. The services meet schools’ compliance and safety requirements; Danielle has thought of everything, so I don’t have to worry! The services are reliable, cost effective and tailored to individual boarder needs, and the repertoire of offerings just keeps growing. 

Anne-Maree Bennett, Head of Boarding
Kincoppal-Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW


We chose to use SCS to help us manage our overcrowding and accumulation of student luggage last year. We have a large group of International students, many of whom do not return to their home country at the end of term and we did not have enough space to store their belongings. After some initial reluctance on their part we managed to streamline the amount of luggage the students could bring to the Boarding House. We followed the advice of Danielle and limited the students to two large suitcases, two red storage boxes and one laundry bag. Students leave a suitcase, the boxes and laundry bag at the end of term to be stored off-site. The luggage is then returned to school the day before the students return. We trialled this system for the first time at the start of the year and it was a smooth process. I would thoroughly recommend the services of SCS. They had practical solutions and a common sense approach to helping us manage the excess luggage situation.

Jane Shone, Head of Boarding
MLC Kew, Melbourne, VIC





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