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ZZZ'S Get Degrees


Sleep is essential for both physical
and mental health, and getting enough
high-quality sleep is particularly important
as they go through their academic journey.
It is vital that boarding schools, 
where students spend a significant 
amount of time away from their families,
ensure that their students have a comfortable 
and healthy sleep environment.


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FresHotel Supports Good Sleep

FresHotel’s Protect-A-Bed waterproof sleep protectors are designed and tested in a laboratory for the highest efficacy and absorption creating the foundation of a healthy sleep zone, which not only protects the mattress investment but also benefits the students’ sleep quality and overall health and well-being.



Book a knowledge session with our sleep experts to ensure your boarders get a good night’s sleep:

1.Gain personalised insights on the latest hygienic bedding technologies to address your unique requirements.

2.Receive a free trial sample based on your discussed needs.

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