Personal Safety App - Guardian

24/7 assistance at the touch of a button

We want you to be safe and

enjoy the life and freedom you're entitled to

 Instant Emergency Assistance 24/7
One tap and you’re instantly connected with our emergency response centre. With live video, voice and location, we’ll know who you are, where you are and can get the help you need. 

Instant CCTV on your smartphone
CCTV where you need it, when you need it. One tap to stream secure CCTV to the cloud. Undeletable, uneditable, evidentiary quality.

Emergency Instant Message
Can’t speak? Use instant message. Like a live call, we’ll know who you are and where you are, and can communicate in silence and send the help you need.

Easy Uber ride home
Sometimes all the help you need is to get home. Two taps on our Uber app is all you need to call a ride.

Emergency Message Alerts
Emergency message alerts sent to all app users within specified danger zones. You’ll see your location and where the danger is and we’ll keep you up to date with any changes.

Response Centre
Our response centre partner is a global provider of response centre services and connected health with over 60 years’ experience, operating in 52 countries around the world. Our partner’s Australian operations currently take around 1 million calls per year, so you rest assured you’re in capable hands.

When you call Guardian for assistance, our response centre operators immediately have access to a vast  amount of information to help deliver an effective response. This ranges from advice, to getting in touch with your emergency contacts to getting emergency services to you fast.

 Who’s it for?
A Guardian membership is ideal for anyone who may need help at some point. This includes school students, seniors, travellers, people with disabilities, children and lone workers.

A Guardian membership connects you with someone who can help.

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