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Partnership Opportunities - Business Partner, Foundation Partner and Strategic Partner

Partnerships with ABSA are for companies and organisations who provide products or services to boarding schools and are interested in aligning their organisation with the industry body. Partnerships are a great way to learn about the boarding school industry, build relationships and connections with decision makers and staff members from ABSA member boarding schools.

Once ABSA forms a Partnership with a company our goal is to educate all parties on the benefits of this relationship. This involves ABSA staff learning in-depth knowledge about your organisations, ABSA providing your team with an overview and in-sights into the boarding market and together educating our members on how your products or services will make their job easier or more efficient. We only offer partnerships to companies who offer high quality, trustworthy and beneficial services and products that enhance or advance our members’ experience.

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Partnership Opportunities

ABSA has a range of opportunities for organisations looking at investing into the boarding school market including:

  • Business Partner,
  • Foundation Partner, and
  • Strategic Partner.

ABSA Current Partners

We currently have a range of very positive and successful partnerships with committed organisations which offer amazing and high quality products and services to the industry. Below are testimonials from our current partners.

A Team Tuition has been official partners of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) for over two years now. In our time in partnership with this incredible organisation we have gained a plethora of knowledge about the boarding school sector within Australia. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be partnered with an organisation run by two of arguably the world's most passionate people when it comes to boarding. If you are serious about the boarding sector and really want to make an impact, Richard and Thomas are the guys to partner with. Richard with his infectious passion and Thomas with his can do attitude have allowed us to flourish in this space.

Due to their optimism, commitment and hard work, doors have opened up for our organisation which have allowed us to create a significant impact within the Australian boarding school sector. We have a shared vision with ABSA to provide every boarder the opportunity to succeed at school and we are well and truly on our way to achieving this. If you are considering a partnership with an organisation who are elite, passionate and truly care about what value you can bring to boarding schools within Australia, Richard and Thomas are your guys.

Hayden McEvoy, CEO and Founder, A Team Tuition

Since 2008, Letz Live has had the great pleasure of working alongside Richard Stokes and the Australian Boarding Schools Association. ABSA has provided invaluable support, offering assistance, guidance and advice to our organisation - particularly with our program expansions here in Australia. Simply put, our success here locally is largely attributed to ABSA and their dedicated, professional and caring team.

We look forward to a continued and expanded partnership with ABSA in the years to come.

Nick Hare, Director, Letz Live

Reach Boarding System approached ABSA with their product and interest in becoming a Partner of the Association. As a start-up company our cash-flow was tight and our expenditure has to be watched carefully. ABSA has introduced us to their member schools, providing us with access to face-to-face networking opportunities with these schools through various media sources including their Annual Conference, State Seminars and other events. The way ABSA has treated us through our Partnership is a key reason we look forward to maintaining and embracing this relationship for many years to come.

Garry Jowett, Managing Director, Reach

To see our other Partnerships please visit: https://www.boarding.org.au/our-partners

Partnership Program

ABSA's Exclusive Partnerships are based on sector availability - for more information please contact: Jordan Swepson, Director of Member Experience, jordan@boarding.org.au