Car Leasing: National Salary Packaging


Attract, engage and retain your talent, with Salary Packaging

'NSP is a fully comprehensive outsourced solution that delivers everything an organisation needs to run a successful employee benefits program'

Become an employer of choice:

We deliver the best financial result for employer and employee alike. We help people choose the right car, on the right term, saving them thousands of dollars.

Add more financial value and choice to your employees:

Salary packaging is a great way to reward your people for their hard work at no risk or cost to your bottom line. Resulting in a happier, more rewarded and productive workforce. 

Offer your staff a Pay Rise, at no cost to you

Give your staff a pay-rise without it costing you a cent!

We provide the highest savings for your employees resulting in more take home money for them at the end of the day!

Seamless set up & transition: 

  • Quick and pain free set up 
  • Seamless Administration and Account Management Systems 
  • Online portal with access your records and balances
  • FBT management and reporting 
  • Consistent savings on all packages

Reduces Payroll Tax & Increase profitability: 

When an employee novates a car, it reduces their taxable income, which in turn reduces the organisation’s payroll tax, which in turn, reduces worker’s compensation premiums, which in turn reduces risk, which increases the organisations bottom line.

Salary packaging is a free to your business:

There’s no cost to the business at all. Employees pay an administration fee for the service that is set up and automatic through payroll 

How do I know who is eligible to salary package?

If your employees receive a salary and pays tax through the PAYG system, they’re eligible to salary package their cars. We will help determine which novated lease will best suit their circumstances to give them the maximum tax savings.

  • No business use required
  • Package a new, or used car
  • Package a car they already own
  • Package two cars


"The Australian Boarding Schools Association have been working closely with National Salary Packaging, and over the past few years I have found them not only exceptionally helpful and efficient, but have saved our members a considerable sum of money

"I personally saved an additional $70 per week and 1 year off my existing provider's quote" 

‘Richard Stokes, Executive Director, Australian Boarding Schools Association