GAP Assistants: Letz Live

As a recognised provider of gap year assistants throughout the world, Letz Live leads the way in offering young people the opportunity to work and travel in an Australian boarding school environment. A proud partner of ABSA.

“We have used Letz Live for our first set of GAP students this year and their assistance and support has been outstanding. There was a very high calibre of applicants selected for the programme and the students appeared to have been matched carefully to the specific needs of each school.
We take four GAP students for six month blocks and our current girls have all been fabulous. They have worked hard, mixed well with both staff and students alike and have been an absolute pleasure to work alongside.Nick and Simon have supported both the girls and myself every step of the way and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Letz Live for future placements.I now have girls within my own boarding school looking to do a GAP year themselves overseas with Letz Live and it is lovely for them to be offered this opportunity too.”

Mrs T Campbell
Head of Boarding

St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, Perth

“The GAP student program at St Augustine’s was revived two years ago through Letz Live. Since then we have had four GAP students, all high quality, motivated and caring individuals who have enhanced our boarding environment. Schools continue to become increasingly busy and as a Head of Boarding, the fact that Letz Live can provide quality applicants and will do all the ground work at no cost to us, is a major benefit.

Letz Live are easy to contact, efficient communicators and demonstrate excellent care for the GAP students they place. I cannot fault the team at Letz Live and would recommend them for any boarding school. I would like to thank Letz Live for the service they have provided.”

Glen Seivers
Head of Boarding

Saint Augustine's College, Cairns

“Finding the right candidate to work as a GAP student in a regional boarding school community can often be difficult however Letz Live have resolved this issue and provided us we two outstanding candidates from England.

We were impressed with their professionalism in finding two suitable young people to work in a team environment dedicated to guiding adolescence through their formative years at secondary school. Letz Live provides quality assistance and support for their GAP students and are regularly in contact with both of them as well as the placement school which is much appreciated.

We look forward to building on our relationship with Nick and Simon at Letz Live and thank them for finding our GAP students who are much admired and respected members of our boarding community.”

Mr J Hall
Gap Coordinator
Downland's College, Toowoomba