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Leading Image is excited to be a partner with ABSA; we share many values on which our business is built on: Service, Value and Quality.

These elements are a key to our company success in our marketplace and extends to our partnership here with Australian Boarding School Association and other similar associations across the industry.

Specializing in school photos, we recognize that this relationship with schools and communities are such an important part of the school calendar and capturing these moments need to be trusted to a company worthy enough and meets all the criteria; Leading Image Group will not only meet your schools expectations we will exceed them.

Leading Image School Photos is a group of local independent photographers operating under the one banner. In this partnership we bring to you a truly professional and complete school photographic service. Value, Quality and Service are benchmarks that your members, our customers are guaranteed. 

Operating Australia wide; Leading Image operating across Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria & Tasmania. Our close branch partners in NT and SA by Event Photo and WA wide by FotoWorks your association is well covered by professional independent local photographers linked not only in our shared passion in delivering Value Quality and Service to the school photo market but also in use of our central production hub which is one of Australia’s most modern professional digital labs we will provide a united professional and trusted service.

Recognizing the unique relationship between schools and their boarding communities Leading Image is best placed to meet, discuss and understand your schools’ unique requirements and tailor a package and service that delivers your school and community the best possible outcome. 

Bringing over 20 years of experience in the school photo industry, trusted reliable local people with a passion to build a long-term relationship; the partnership between ABSA and the Leading Image Group is destined to be a successful one.

We invite you to reach out via our various meetings throughout the year and say hello and welcome any opportunity to develop relationships with your school, thank you again for the opportunity.


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