Suits and Etiquette: G.M. Hanna


Helping Young Men and Women Navigate the Path from Adolescence to Adulthood with
Dignity, Self Respect and Confidence.

Etiquette is a great framework for developing the personal attributes of respect, empathy, self-awareness and dignity so needed to navigate modern life and build quality relationships. Etiquette is a worthy solution to today’s challenge of what is and what is not appropriate behaviour and is consistent with the underlying intent and philosophy of the world’s major religious traditions. It is independent and apolitical. Etiquette helps frame and guide our behaviour, our speech and actions to ensure it is at all times dignified and respectful. The potential for etiquette to help positively influence the next generation is exciting.

What once may have been the role of parents, the church and schools, in our time poor, online existence, the task of filling the void in morality and behaviour is increasingly falling to education providers. But education providers are likewise under increased stress and pressure due to competing educational demands. Education providers themselves need assistance. GM Hanna are etiquette experts and well placed to partner with education providers to share knowledge on etiquette to the next generation and prepare them for the future of work and a happy, successful life.


  • Personal Presentation
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Image, dress codes and proper attire
  • An introduction to suits and formal wear
  • Hygiene, grooming and presentation skills
  • How to treat your formal partner
  • Dining skills
  • Social media etiquette
  • University and workplace etiquette


  • Social etiquette & university transition presentation
  • Pocketbook for each participant containing key information from the presentation
  • Formal suit hire and sales service

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