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This Program aims to increase the social confidence & self-esteem of students by preparing them for the transition from school to university and the workplace. It is designed to help students reach their full potential and set them up for life. 

A school formal is often the first formal function a student attends. With parents, a partner, friends and other members of the school community in attendance, the formal demands a level of social awareness and maturity that many students may not be familiar with.

The workshop provides information that will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to create a sense of self-confidence in any formal setting. They will feel prepared for the school formal and for similar events throughout their life.

Instructor, Gerard Hanna, draws on personal experience and delivers appropriate and timely information that will assist students in their journey from school to university, and into a professional work environment.

With formal training in etiquette and men’s tailoring Gerard has a unique opportunity to deliver an influential program about social etiquette, dress standards, respect and chivalry.

In an increasingly competitive environment, refined personal skills and presentation can have a significant impact on personal success. This workshop is designed to neatly package relevant information giving participants an insight into what the future may hold and equipping them with the skills they need to handle it.

The program draws on the recommendations of the Broderick Report to ensure students are fully prepared for university life.


  • Why personal presentation is important 
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication 
  • Image, dress codes and proper attire 
  • An introduction to suits & formal wear 
  • Hygiene, grooming & presentation skills 
  • How to treat your formal partner 
  • Dining skills
  • Social media etiquette 
  • University & workplace etiquette


  • Social etiquette & university transition presentation
  • Pocketbook for each participant containing key information from the presentation
  • Formal suit hire and sales service

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