Scots All Saints College and Shore profile

Profiling Scots All Saints College and Shore – on Actura’s CASE Space School International Study Program

  In 2018, students from All Saints College and The Scots School Bathurst attended both the Junior and the Senior Space School Expedition. In 2019, the newly integrated Scots All Saints College was pleased to continue its relationship with ABSA and Actura in planning for next year’s 2020 expedition.

Tom Van Gend, Head of Student Wellbeing K-12 and Science Teacher at Scots All Saints College, who has conducted two previous overseas excursions to the United States for students, knows the degree of logistical organisation that is necessary for such ventures to be successful. He was pleased that Actura particularly excelled in all aspects of the program – that is, before, during and after the expeditions. 

Mr Van Gend remarked that the Space School experience for the Scots All Saints College students was highly positive, “The CASE Space School program is structured so that all pre and post expedition logistics are professionally-organised and dealt with, so that schools like Scots All Saints College have minimal handiwork to do.” This has ensured that the unique opportunity for the students to participate in the expedition was available for such schools, compared to say a larger population school; providing opportunities that would otherwise not be possible, through key partnerships such as that with the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA).

Some feedback from the students from Scots All Saints College, from their Space School experiences:

“The most rewarding part involved changing the mindset of students – not just through the activities, but also through the positive thinking aspects incorporated into the program.”

Justin, Student, Scots All Saints College

Shore (Sydney Church of England Grammar School) recently participated on the CASE Space School International Study Program expedition that took place from 8-21 July 2019. This was their first Space School expedition experience. Students from Shore have recently returned from the CASE Space School Expedition, invigorated, inspired and motivated to pursue STEAM subjects for the future!

As a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA), Shore is considered one of the larger member schools with a population of 1600 students from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12. The Australian Boarding Schools Association exists to promote the interests of boarding schools in Australasia by enhancing the wellbeing of boarders, facilitating the professional development of staff and advancing best practice among schools. It is recognised in the education sector as the peak body representing boarding interests and supporting the boarding experience. 

Actura’s Space School program offers a high-quality expedition for schools, where all the program elements are carefully planned and organised, so there is minimal work for schools who choose to engage in the program. The many advantages of the CASE Space School program include it allowing students to participate, whether there are two students or fifty-two students. This allows for a broad variety of students from many schools with differing socio-economic, cultural and financial situations to participate equally in the Space School program. The program is a terrific opportunity that provides access to unique locations, facilities and with access to expert facilitators that are not available in any other program. 

Feedback from students, parents and teachers alike from Shore from the recent July Space School Expedition 2019 has been greatly positive, demonstrating the value that schools like Shore can obtain from the versatile STEAM out-of-class solution that is the CASE Space School International Study Program.

“Overall, my experience at CASE Space School was amazing. I loved the STEAM experience, the activities were excellent & the cultural experiences were exceptional, especially the baseball game. As for what I learnt, I learnt about the new part of STEM (A), the history of space and the cultural experience that is baseball (surprisingly interesting!)”.

Max Entwistle, Student, Shore