Boarder Study, Prep and Tutoring: A Team Tuition

“Your Boarders can achieve new levels of success, with the right mindset, study strategy and support”

Boarding Prep hours are your single biggest asset in generating elite performing students.  We’re committed to transforming those precious hours into real results for your school, your parents and most importantly, your students. We work with Boarding Schools across Australia, both online and in person. In fact, we work with Boarding Schools in some of the more remote areas and provide rural schools with the opportunity to work with tutors whom they might not normally have access to.

Our Commitment to Boarding Schools

We’ll bring new energy to Prep Time and ease the workload of your teaching staff.  Our partnership will simply make your life easier.


Our Commitment to Parents

We’re here to support your boarder, not only academically but to stay focused, motivated and excited by learning.  We’re here to provide study support, when you can’t be there.


Our Commitment to Students

We believe that any student can achieve success with the right mindset, strategy, and support.  Get more out of Boarder Prep, and we promise you’ll enjoy it more!


A Team Tuition aims to provide schools with hassle-free, highly engaging and effective tutoring assistance during the students’ Boarding Prep time. Our team takes care of recruiting, training and assigning high-performance tutors with valid blue cards, strong values, subject competency and teaching excellence skills to take Boarding Prep Time to new heights. The program aims to improve students’ confidence, motivation and subject grades. 

We ensure all reporting requirements including student behaviour, engagement, homework/assignment completion and attendance are accessible to the school’s team at all times. This information is provided to schools in an easy to understand and professional manner that can be customised to align with the school’s vision. 

Why Australia’s Leading Schools turn to A Team Tuition

We proudly partner with some of Australia’s leading schools to provide private tutoring for students, and enviable results for schools.  

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Our Academic Personal Training Program is the first choice for elite schools across Australia, securing better ATAR Scores and more motivated kids.

Over 10 years of Successful Transformations

A Team Tuition was founded by Hayden McEvoy over 10 years ago and has transformed thousands of students ever since.  Hayden was diagnosed with ADHD in year one. For the next decade, he struggled through school, barely scraping a D grade average. His Mum enrolled him in swimming and there he developed grit and determination. Hayden’s swimming coach designed him a training strategy which got him to the top of junior world swimming and the Olympics trials. It clearly worked so he took the structure and strategies he knew worked and applied it to his schooling. Hayden had come to the realisation that just like sporting success, academic success isn’t really about natural talent. It’s about mindset, strategy and support.

Mindset is About Culture Change

A Team Tuition contributes and aligns to your boarding house’s culture, focusing on growth mindset, grit and resilience. Our tutors are energetic, high achievers, who connect with their students as both their tutor and their mentor. We provide weekly challenges to capture the classroom, as well as end-of-term activities that will become a highlight of boarding life. Our tutor’s content delivery is designed to align directly with the school’s curriculum. Our approach is delivered through two key components -  school curriculum/assessments and “A” grade study strategies. Our goal is to create independent students with a growth mindset by providing them with the tools to succeed both now and in their future study years.

Student Safety and Wellbeing

Your students receive all of the one on one support they need, in a 100% safe environment.  All of our tutors are well versed in COVID-19 safety regulations (and more than happy to wear masks!) and we offer online tutoring for schools in “hotspots” so your boarders get continued support.  We are here to aid your students in developing resilience and focus.  We also have our own Boarding School Risk Management Strategy which aligns to the AHPPC risk management statement.

All of our tutors are police checked, have the relevant state specific registration (Blue Card, Working With Children Check), and comply with best practices on working with students safely.  Your students’ wellbeing is the very foundation of our approach to tutoring.

Every school, every student is different.  Talk to us about your needs first

Just like every student has different learning barriers to overcome, every boarding school has unique challenges.  After ten years of working with schools, and with ABSA, we’re here to ‘problem solve’ for our partner schools. Talk to us about your unique challenges and we’ll help devise a unique solution. We offer so many solutions which include a preferred partnership for one on one tutoring referrals (aligned to your school’s culture and curriculum), prep management programs and inspiring study strategy seminars led by Hayden.  We build a plan and structure that works for you so get in touch to find out how we can help deliver on your school’s Academic Advantage!