National Boarding Week - Tuesday

Can you imagine walking into a room at night and not being able to simply switch on the light?

For 789 million people worldwide, this is their reality. Every night, when the sun sets, they are plunged into complete darkness. To light their way through the night they depend on primitive forms of energy like charcoal and firewood or harmful fuel-based sources like kerosene.


Energy poverty affects these families in 4 ways:

  • - Health – 4million deaths are caused by indoor air pollution a year. More than Aids and Malaria combined
  • - Education – without light, children do not have the option to study after dusk
  • - Environment – Kerosene lanterns produce 190 million tonnes of CO2 annually
  • - Economy – Families spend up to 40% of their income on fuel for lighting




How Can We Help?

This year ABSA has partnered with SolarBuddy to make a huge impact and change the lives of those families living in energy poverty in Timor Leste and we want you to help!

SolarBuddy is an Australian based, global charity uniting a global community to illuminate futures of all children living in energy poverty with the gift of lights and this year we want as many of our schools to help Light Up Timor in time for Christmas and take part in the SolarBuddy STEM education program with purpose.

1. School Signs Up.

2. Fundraise $35 per light - this covers materials and postage costs.

3. Lights Arrive at School.

4. Boarders Assemble Lights.

5. SolarBuddy arranges pick up and postage to Timor prior to Christmas.

6. Wait to see the children's faces at Christmas when they get their lights! 

see more information here

For More Information

For further information on Solar Buddy, please contact:

Holly Bond, Business Development Manager

0403 523 399

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