Boarding School Research

ABSA's Support for Research into the Boarding Sector

ABSA is offering financial support to those looking at undertaking specific research into the boarding school market. ABSA is open to support a wide range of areas - examples include:

  • financial literacy
  • staff well-being
  • how rosters, routines and schedule effect boarders’ overall wellbeing/performance
  • how rosters, routines and schedule effect staffs’ overall wellbeing/performance
  • benefits of being a boarder
  • historical trends in boarding
  • how economic impacts effect boarding schools
  • how gaming and online activity influence boarders mood
  • life skills
  • sleep habits
  • well-being
  • and much more!


ABSA requires interested participants to submit their area of study and how this will assist the boarding market. Once submissions are made, the ABSA Executive will analyse and if successful, approve the applications. Following, ABSA will be contacting leading organisations and companies who work in the selected field to secure available funding and grants for the study to be conducted.


ABSA is happy to assist with the research by providing context, introductions to schools, data and more. Outcomes of the study will include published information in the world’s leading professional boarding journal ‘Lights Out’, into CEBER the world’s boarding research hub and presentations including conferences and webinars.


  • ABSA will be opening applications every year during September and October
  • ABSA will seek interested organisations and companies to secure funding and grants for the approved study and notify successful applicants by December if funded is finalised
  • if funding and grants are approved, ABSA will award funding at the completion of the study.

Application Form

Please download the form below to review. If you are interested in applying for the Research Grant please complete the form and scan and email it to

Download Research Grant Form