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West Aust College of Agriculture Harvey

Year Levels: Yrs 10-12


Mornington Road,


Telephone: 08 9782 2100

Principal: Mr Stephen Watt 

Head of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Mr Bernard Murnane
Telephone: 08 9782 2100

Number in School: 172
Number of Boarders: 120

The Western Australian College of Agriculture – Harvey is a Registered Training Organisation delivering qualifications to students in both Agricultural and Industrial Enterprises. The campus is located on the Wokalup farm situated 1 1/2hrs south of Perth and 35 minutes north of Bunbury. The College is a co-educational facility with a capacity for approximately 128 students, in Years 10 - 12. Each student boards in a village style dorm, with each dorm consisting of 16 rooms with a shared living area, which includes a flat screen TV, lounge, fridge, phone and microwave. Mobile phone coverage is available throughout the College. Students have access to Residential staff 24 hours a day if required.

Harvey Ag aim is to introduce, develop and nurture independent living skills, encouraging students to have confidence, responsibility, motivation and pride in themselves. In addition to students being supported by the Residential Supervisors, they also have access to the school Chaplain and school Psychologist. Each evening after dinner, students are required to complete 1 hour of prep/homework in their rooms. During this time students may have access to the computer lab and library if and when required. Tutoring is available for students requiring extra assistance after school or during prep time.

The College is well situated for access by public transport, train and bus schedules are available. With parental authority, students may bring private vehicles onto the property with the express use of transport to and from home. With the relocation of the College to the Wokalup farm site, this has allowed the College to have a more paddock to plate philosophy. It is an opportunity for students to be involved in the entire process.

Residential activities may include trips to the local town centre twice a week, shopping trips to Mandurah, Perth and Bunbury, involvement in local sporting competitions, local swimming pool, town gym, beach, cinema and picnic lunches. Throughout the year students may attend camps, which include Hamlin Bay and Busselton.

Outdoor activities and sports available to students on campus include tennis and basketball courts, motor x track (for students who have their own approved motorbike) and horse riding (for students who have horses at the College). Indoor recreational activities such as pool and table tennis, indoor basketball court, TV room, several common rooms, Foxtel and music room. Throughout the year student are involved in several events including the College Ball, WACoA Inter College Sports Carnival, Countryweek, Annual College Dinner, Open Day.

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