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Perth College

Year Levels: Yrs 6-12


31 Lawley Crescent,


Telephone: 08 9471 2100


Principal: Mrs Helen Aguiar

Director of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Ms Jill Miller
Telephone: 08 9471 2197

Number in School: 1163
Number of Boarders: 112

A passion for rural life unites boarders at Perth College and makes for a tight-knit group of girls. The Boarding House is home to more than 110 students in Years 7 to 12 from across regional Western Australia. The girls form the heart of Perth College, taking on new responsibilities, rising to meet new challenges, and giving back to the community. With extensive academic and co-curricular opportunities, they become independent and resilient, and reap the rewards of investing themselves in boarding life. 

Perth College understands it’s a difficult decision for parents to send their daughters away for schooling. The Boarding House instils in students the same values parents espouse at home – confidence, independence, courage and determination, as well as respect and love – and is proactive in helping the girls and their families to have the best experience possible.

Staff work hard to create and maintain a happy, supportive environment for boarders and the Boarding House is vibrant and welcoming. Activities and programmes are tailored for each year level, encouraging students to develop spiritually, culturally, and socially. 

On Board

The custom-designed On Board programme transitions students into boarding life, helping the girls become engaged and more settled in their second home. It is unique to Perth College and:

Develops self-esteem
Teaches the girls about themselves
Encourages gratitude and appreciation 
Enables the girls to contribute to their immediate and wider communities
Shows them how to lead by example and manage leadership roles in preparation for life after graduation 

The course covers a variety of topics and practical experiences, from community living and domestic skills to environmental projects, volunteering, camps, and event organisation. Mentoring is also invaluable in helping boarders adjust to their new lifestyles. 

PC Challenge

On the Australia Day long weekend, Perth College gives regional students in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity to experience life as a boarder before moving away from home for their secondary schooling.

Girls are invited to take a sneak peek into boarding life by living in the Boarding House for the weekend and participating in games and activities across the school grounds. Parents are welcome to join their daughters for lunch on the final day after the ‘PC Challenge’, in which the girls work in teams to problem-solve and put their newfound knowledge to the test.

The event is free and provides families with an insight into how boarding works at Perth College. Girls leave with the confidence to stay away from home, having made new friends to share their journey. Register your interest via phone 08 9471 2197 or email

Academic Life

Perth College prepares young women to think creatively, embrace personal excellence, and live generously. Students are guided to find what it is they love and pursue it with determination and pride, whether it be studying Music, Philosophy or Physics, participating in rowing or dancing, or joining immersion tours to Cambodia or the Solomon Islands to make a difference in the lives of others. Staff are experts and leaders in their disciplines, and are renowned for bringing the best out of the girls. 


Perth College is the only school in Western Australia to offer a self-leadership programme for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. InsideOut is borne directly from the School’s belief in the importance of women in leadership, a philosophy that stems from the Sisters who founded Perth College and challenged the accepted ideas of the time.

Activities, workshops and guest speakers are tailor-made for each year group, and help girls to become independent, confident and determined, affirming that every girl can be a leader in some way. Students learn to connect with their core values and beliefs, understand their strengths, manage stress and take on responsibilities in preparation for life after graduation.

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