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Northam Residential College

Year Levels: Yrs 7-12


Inkpen Street, NORTHAM

Western Australia,

Australia, 6401

Telephone: (08) 9622 1383

Principal: Steve Lally

Head of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Steve Lally
Telephone: (08) 9622 1383

Number in School: 
Number of Boarders: 

The residential college provides a home-away-from-home for regional secondary students (Years 7 to 12) attending Northam Senior High School and St Joseph’s School.  Students enjoy living with other country students in a supportive and caring environment while studying in Northam.

Located opposite Northam Senior High School and a short bus ride to St Joseph’s School, the residential college gives country children in regional areas the opportunity to access high quality secondary education in a regional centre.  For many, they are close enough to their families to visit at weekends and on special occasions, and their families are welcome at the residential college at any time.  Families are considered an integral part of students’ boarding experiences.

At the College, students are supported and encouraged to do well in their education. Dedicated and experienced staff work with the schools to ensure students are progressing in their studies and are accessing any resources or support they require.  They also provide structured study times for students to complete their homework and assignments, and help arrange any tutoring students may need. 

Personal development is also a priority at the residential college.  Staff provide a nurturing environment that promotes healthy living and supports their emotional, social and physical well-being.  

At Northam Residential College, students enjoy country living while they study, form lifelong friendships, and become independent and active members of their community.

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