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Melbourne Girls Grammar

Yrs 7 - 12 | Boarding and Day


86 Anderson Street,


Telephone: 03 9862 9200

Principal: Dr Toni Meath

Director of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Ms Amanda Haggie
Telephone: 03 9862 9200

Number in School: 980
Number of Boarders: 80


The Melbourne Girls Grammar Boarding House (Years 7 to 12) is located on the Merton Hall Campus in South Yarra. Within walking distance to Melbourne’s CBD, Melbourne Girls Grammar is the only boarding school ideally located close to the heart of Melbourne. Adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Yarra River, students can make the most of every opportunity this fantastic city has to offer. One of the great strengths of boarding at Melbourne Girls Grammar is the quality and strength of the relationships built between the school, families and girls. The Boarding House staff build authentic relationships and an innate trust that grows between the staff, students and parents. We support and encourage our girls to learn about themselves, develop their character, build relationships and become independent young women. Our boarders come from all over Australia and overseas, bringing with them a range of perspectives, learning experiences and ambition — they are truly resilient and confident young women who have learned how to make the most of their experience at Melbourne Girls Grammar.


Ultimately, the greatest marker of success for our Boarding House is seeing independent and capable young women making the most of every opportunity and having the self awareness to direct their own studies. Within the Boarding House, the wellbeing of each student is managed within a ‘triangle of care’. We understand that parenting from a distance can be challenging for families, and staff encourage regular and open communication. One of the greatest parts of being in the Boarding House at Melbourne Girls Grammar is the life-long friendships that are made while Grammarians make the most of the fantastic opportunities in a supportive environment. Boarders learn to be accountable for managing their own lives. This prepares them for life beyond the school in a safe environment where they can make mistakes and build the resilience and independence they need to assist them in the future. We know that in order to succeed, our students must feel supported and settled in their environments.


At Melbourne Girls Grammar, students are encouraged to develop their own routines and gain independence and confidence in time management and organisational skills. Our staff are carefully considered and appointed based on their diverse interests, experiences and skills. All together, they create a distinct team and a vibrant family who bring special aspects of their life and personality to the job. Positive role models are so important in adolescence, especially when girls are living away from home. Our team bring the professional knowledge and life experience that encourages girls to share and connect, and that’s where strong friendships are formed. To support the needs of each girl, our network includes enthusiastic residential staff, wellbeing coordinators, academic tutors and teachers. This network communicates daily about each girl’s academic progress and classroom engagement to ensure that there are clear points for intervention and investigation. Every girl is encouraged and enabled to develop the skills and confidence to flourish and be their best in every possible way. We aim to develop every girl’s capacity to be a bold and confident thinker and learner. 

A boarding experience at Melbourne Girls Grammar prepares and empowers our girls for life beyond school.

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