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Wiltja Anangu Secondary College

Year Levels: Yrs 8-12


111-125 Folland Avenue,

Telephone: 08 8359 4620

Principal:  Mr D Lasscock

Head of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Mr Anthony Bennett
Telephone: 08 8359 4620

Number of Boarders: 80

Wiltja Anangu Secondary College is a residential college in Adelaide for Indigenous secondary students from remote communities in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. It is an integral part of the AŠĻČangu Lands Partnership.
The college is made up of two equal parts: The host-school campuses and Wiltja Boarding. Both areas cater to the educational, social and emotional needs of our students within a culturally respectful context.
Wiltja Anangu Secondary College provides Indigenous students with the opportunity to engage in mainstream urban secondary schooling within a supportive environment. Students at Wiltja are able to undertake the SACE, as well as participating in vocational education and training and an array of out-of-school-hours learning.
Wiltja students attend one of two host-school campuses: Woodville High School or Avenues College. The residential aspect of the college, Wiltja Boarding, is located in Northgate.

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