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Seymour College

Year Levels: Yrs 6 -12


546 Portrush Road,

Telephone: 08 8303 9000

Principal: Ms Vanessa Browning

Director of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Ms Lucy Fairlie-Jones
Telephone: 08 8303 9024

Number in School: 970
Number of Boarders: 100+

Belonging in Boarding at Seymour College

Boarding at Seymour has its own traditions, its own identity, its own uniqueness. It’s an experience that will have a profound impact on you, creating memories and friendships that will last forever. 

It will help define who you become. 

We understand that becoming a boarder is probably the biggest move you’ll make in your young life. It might be the first time you’ve ever lived away from home, away from your family, friends and loved ones. It’s natural to expect that you will miss mum’s cooking, dad’s hugs, your brother’s weird sense of humour or even your dog’s sloppy kisses. We can never replace those things and we won’t try to. 

But what we promise to do is create an environment where you are safe, supported, cared for and loved.

You will become part of the Seymour family, where you can develop a sense of belonging.

We know the importance of feeling connected, of feeling at home, of being part of a community. When you belong, you feel all these things and more. 

Belonging is a feeling that is evident as soon as you walk through our doors, meet our boarders and see how they interact with each other. 

At Seymour College, our Boarding House isn’t just somewhere ‘on’ campus.  

Instead, it’s right in the heart of the school, ensuring our girls feel safe and connected with College life and are never more than a few short steps from classrooms, libraries, science, art and sports facilities.

The green expanse of our 25 acre (10 hectare) grounds also makes it easy to find some space of your own; a tree to lie under or a lawn on which to walk barefooted.

Everything we do at Seymour is about supporting living and learning in a world-class environment so that you can be the best student you can be.

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