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St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School

Yrs 7 - 12 | Boarding and Day


11 Petrie Street,

ASCOT, QLD, 4007

Telephone: 07 3862 0777

Principal: Ms Ros Curtis

Head of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Ms Lesa Fowler
Telephone: 07 3862 0811

Number in School: 892
Number of Boarders: 186

Generations of rural, regional and remote families have chosen to send their daughters to board at St Margaret’s. In fact, the first three St Margaret’s students were boarders who enrolled in November 1894, in preparation for the school’s opening in 1895.

Today, the 160 boarders from Years 5 to 12 who live with us each year are at the heart of our diverse community. They hail from all parts of Queensland, NSW, Northern Territory, the Pacific nations and beyond, affording all our girls (and their families) the opportunity to connect and forge friendships with people from many different parts of the world and walks of life. The day girls embrace the boarders and open their own homes to them, while the boarders delight in reciprocating, with sleepovers in the boarding house, and holiday visits back to the farm or across the ocean.

At St Margaret’s our boarders are housed in the heart of the Ascot campus – a safe and tranquil environment surrounded by tree-lined streets, well-kept gardens and residences, and views that extend across the river and cityscape to the distant ranges.

Specialist boarding staff guide, nurture and encourage our girls through their education and provide unwavering support as they grow and mature into young women. It’s comforting to know that our Health Centre is staffed by registered nurses and forms part of the boarding house, while our experienced catering staff provide well-balanced and varied menus, preparing over 1000 restaurant quality meals every day. There is also a kitchen just for the boarders where they can try their hand at baking or cooking a favourite meal from home for their friends.

Supervised study with qualified teachers provides boarders with a high level of academic support, while a dedicated activities coordinator devises a schedule of engaging, age appropriate activities for the girls, which offer both enjoyment and opportunities for personal growth.

Living and learning in Brisbane – a sophisticated, new world city – offers a thriving cultural and events scene with exclusive shows, major sporting events and important international exhibits. Brisbane is also home to many universities of choice, therefore boarding at St Margaret’s allows the girls to lay important foundations in preparation for tertiary study, including the confidence to navigate the city, and having friends with whom to continue the journey.

The recently opened St Margaret’s College – adjacent to the school – is a unique tertiary accommodation facility for young women studying in Brisbane. It offers a seamless transition from boarding to living as an independent university student within in a safe, supported and familiar setting. (see for more details)

The St Margaret’s boarding experience brings with it enduring connections, as the girls live, learn and grow together, in their home away from home.

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