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Spinifex Residential College

Yrs 7 - 12 | Boarding and Day


83-85 Transmission Street,

MT ISA, QLD, 4825

Telephone: 07 4745 4333

Acting Head of Campus: Ms Catherine McGrath-Jeffrey

Acting Head of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Ms Catherine McGrath-Jeffrey
Telephone: 07 4745 4333

Number in School: 53
Number of Boarders: 53

With exposure to the high quality education that Spinifex State College - Mount Isa provides, students have fantastic opportunities to make a success of their lives. Aside from the school’s proven track record of placing students wishing to attend higher education, and providing access to traineeships and apprenticeships within the mining sector and through our Trade Training Centre, residential students have demonstrated that everyone has the ability to achieve. Whilst consistently outperforming their day student peers with respect to results, residential students have also demonstrated no difference between indigenous and non-indigenous pass rates. As such, all students have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Whilst Spinifex residential students are here for their education we also support them to maintain a healthy and active social life. With regular activities scheduled for every afternoon, and for weekends, the students are never without something to do. Some of the highlights of our social calendars include bi-weekly shopping trips to the town centre, going to the cinema, bowling, indoor games and outdoor physical activities. One of the major activities that our students love is our camp each term. With Mount Isa being central to the Outback and the Gulf, students can explore beyond the city limits, camp under the stars, and learn from the traditional custodians of the land.

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