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Nexus International School

Year Levels: Yrs 7-13


No 1, Jalan Diplomatik 3/6



Telephone: +603 8889 3868

Principal: David Griffiths 

Head of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Troy Looms
Telephone: +603 8889 3868

Number in School: 733
Number of Boarders: 68

School: Early Years - Year 13
Boarding: Year 5 - 13

Nexus International School, Putrajaya is a place where young people come together to become global citizens of the future. We believe that the classroom is constantly evolving. Thus, we ensure that the latest teaching and learning methods together with state of the art technology is incorporated into our curriculum. We take great pride in challenging young minds and stimulating children’s naturally inquisitive nature through acclaimed International Curricula. Heartily embracing diversity, we encourage full cultural assimilation between each student’s individual ethnicity and history, with their host country Malaysia.

Nexus Boarding House provides boys and girls in Years 5 – 13 (10 – 18 years old) from across the country and all over the world the opportunity to experience the latest teaching and learning methods incorporated in our curriculum. The boarding programme will expose the learners to a wealth of knowledge, experiences to challenge their minds and an opportunity to form enduring friendships in a caring, well-equipped and secure environment.

  • co-ed