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Dilworth School

Year Levels: Yrs 7 - 13


Pvt Bag 28904

Telephone: +64 6349 0210

Principal: Mr Dan Reddiex

Assistant Principal/Director of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Mr Alistair Patterson
Telephone: +64 5231 060

Number in School: 574

Number of Boarders: 574

Dilworth School was founded in accordance with the terms of the Will of early Auckland farmer and businessman, Irish-born James Dilworth who died in 1894. The endowment was to be used to fund a boarding school for boys from good families whose circumstances may prevent them from fulfilling their full potential. 

Over a century later, his remarkable legacy has provided more than 5,000 boys with a life-changing scholarship that includes free tuition, boarding, uniforms, sports fees and music tuition. 

Dilworth has three campuses in Auckland: Year 7 and 8 at the Junior Campus, Year 9 at the Rural Campus and Years 10-13 at the Senior Campus.

Supporting the development of the whole student is an integral part of the Dilworth experience. Students are offered a multitude of opportunities, a strong pastoral care system and quality teaching.

The modern boarding school environment provides a wonderful platform for the building of relationships and rapport between students. The sense of belonging and unity is very strong.

Dilworth is a Christian school the Christian faith is central to all parts of school life.

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