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Tara Anglican School for Girls

Yrs 5 - 12 | Boarding and Day

Masons Drive,

Telephone: 02 9630 6655 

Principal: Mrs Susan Middlebrook

Director of Boarding Contact Information

Name: Mrs Samantha Cocks
Telephone: 02 8838 2629

Number in School: 778
Number of Boarders: 55

If you are looking for a boarding experience that is as close to living at home as possible, you have found it!  Eggleton house is a boutique boarding house with a family atmosphere. It is located on the Tara grounds and the Director of Boarding's own family are very much involved. There are family dinners each night and each and every boarder is a valued member of this unique family. 

Staff are always available to assist girls with anything they need and are trained in teenage girl issues, everything from nutrition to friendship concerns.  They will be there to guide your daughter through those difficult years.

Boarding teaches you many skills that you would not necessarily get otherwise. You become used to sharing your living space with other girls, learn to tolerate differences and become respectful and considerate of others and their needs. You learn to be self-disciplined with your studies as homework is always supervised, and there are teachers to help you every night. Boarding also means that you can become fully involved in the Tara community ñ participating in sport, music and the many other activities offered by the school. As you grow up so do your skills and learning experiences. Boarding with other girls from different backgrounds means you all learn together about so many aspects of life. 

Full time or weekly boarding is available. Casual boarding is offered to existing Tara Senior School families on request. For more information please visit Tara's website

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