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The Australian Boarding Standard was published on 23 July, 2015, and is published through the affiliate of Standards Australia, SAI Global.

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ABSA has developed a self-assessment system in conjunction with the Intelligent Outcomes Group. This is a three year process, preparing schools for certification against the Standard (which is currently being developed).

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Example Certificates for Self-Assessment

With over 95% of Australian boarding schools as members, ABSA was uniquely well positioned to draw upon the expertise necessary to determine appropriate boarding standards for Australian schools. Over a three year period working in conjunction with Standards Australia, the Australian Standard for Boarding Schools and Residences was written.

What the Australian Standard offers is an evaluative instrument that brings together the best state and territory school boarding standards found throughout Australia and from boarding schools overseas. Most importantly, the Australian Standard represents the collective wisdom from a large number of experienced boarding staff and administrators.

In an industry wearied by regulation and reporting requirements, the visiting of yet more standards on a school is unlikely to be welcomed. The concept of standards can be unsettling. The very word reeks of stern governance, intrusive measurement and punitive measures. However, ABSA does not resile from mandating the Australian Boarding Standard. The professionalism of the Australian school boarding industry rests on uniformly high standards of residential care.

The Australian Boarding Standard is also relevant to boarding hostels that service school-aged children. Boarding hostels cater for about one out of 13 boarders of school age within Australia.



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