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Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant

Positions Vacant

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Residential Boarding Supevisor, The McDonald College, closes - 22 September 2017

POSITION: Residential Boarding Supervisor Ongoing Casual

REPORTS TO: Head of Boarding


Resident Supervisors are required to assist with the running of the Boarding House. Accommodation (all year) and meals during term time will be provided in return for approximately 15 hours duty per week, including evenings and rostered weekends. Duties include supervision of students and office duties. Supervisors must be aware that whilst they have scheduled times of duty, they are required to always be a presence in the house. This assists those on duty as well as ensuring a positive and interactive environment occurs at all times. Relationships and respect can only form when Boarding House Supervisors actively engage themselves in the lives of girls on a daily basis. As Boarding House positions involve responsibility for the care of female boarders between the ages of 12 and 18, we are seeking female applicants only.


The Residential Boarding Supervisor is appointed by the Principal. The appointee is responsible to the Head of Boarding initially and ultimately to the Principal or her delegate. It is expected that the Boarding House will run in accordance with the College Boarding Policies, Processes and Practices as published in the Staff Handbook. 

Key Areas of Responsibility


  • Ensure girls are working diligently in the Library (Year 7 - 10) or at their desk with their door open (year 11 - 12)
  • Move from room to room (Year 11 - 12) seeing each girl at least once during Prep time
  • Notify the Duty Officer if a girl is not present or accounted for
  • Keep a daily record of what each girl is working on during Prep time & what was achieved during for each day
  • Ensure girls who are returning to the Boarding House late have their dinner and then get to Prep
  • Circulate amongst the girls who have returned late or other students that may need assistance or guidance beyond set prep time
  • Do weekend supervision duty to relieve Duty Officer on weekends as rostered
  • Be available in the case of a medical emergency to step in for supervision if needed
  • Report on pastoral, academic or discipline issues to the Head of Boarding
  • Maintain accurate and timely Boardingware records.


1. Demonstrated ability and passion for looking after secondary aged girls.

2. Ability to establish positive, supportive relationships with the girls and their families

3. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with staff

4. Understanding the academic and pastoral needs of girls in boarding.

5. High level of organisational skills and the ability to sustain systems including electronic management systems.

6. Ability and willingness to communicate with teenage girls within the boundaries appropriate for a boarding house.

7. Valid Working With Children (WWC) number and First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis, Asthma Management Certification and ABSA Certificate in Boarding (or willingness to obtain).

8. Qualifications attained through ABSA will be an advantage but not essential.



Written applications should consist of addressed selection criteria and full CV and should be directed to Maxine Kohler, Principal of The McDonald College. Applications can be submitted electronically to her Personal Assistant, Leslea Smith at

Applications, which must include the names and telephone contact number of two professional referees, should be received by 4pm Friday 22 September 2017.

Boarding Supervisor, The McDonald College, closes - 22 September 2017

POSITION: Boarding Supervisor

Permanent Full-time

REPORTS TO: Head of Boarding


  • To care for up to 45 girl boarders from Year 7 – 12 (from time to time younger students may be in residence)
  • To support the Head of Boarding in the running of the House. This includes caring for the girls in all aspects of their lives
  • Follow academic, pastoral and recreational care procedures and systems as initiated by Head of Boarding or Principal/or nominee of the College
  • Be solely responsible for security and safety of girls when on duty


The Boarding Supervisor is appointed by the Principal. The appointee is responsible to the Head of Boarding initially and ultimately to the Principal or her delegate. This is a full-time live in position from Wednesday am to Monday am and will attract a salary in accordance with the Independent Schools NSW (Support and Operational Staff) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2017. It is expected that the Boarding House will run in accordance with the College Boarding Policies, Processes and Practices as published in the Staff Handbook. 

Key Areas of Responsibility


  • Provide daily care of girls as would be expected in a family setting and in accordance with daily procedures.
  • Ensure the smooth and safe running of the House when on duty.
  • Maintain accurate and timely Boardingware records.
  • Manage requests for leave.
  • Ensure the House is always clean and orderly (this could include taking out the rubbish on weekends).
  • Carry out all duties with discipline and respect for the girls, staff and the College.
  • Communicate in a professional and respectful manner with parents as necessary from time to time. Where possible be available for parents when on duty.
  • Keep the Principal, Deputy Principal and the Head Boarding informed of matters deemed appropriate.
  • Follow policies, procedures and practices as published in the boarding Staff Handbook and the Parent and Student Handbook.
  • Liaise with Head of Boarding regularly and ensure an accurate and detailed handover is done at the completion or beginning of shifts on Monday and Wednesdays.
  • Carry out additional tasks as requested by the Principal/Deputy Principal or Head of Boarding from time to time.


  • When on duty oversee the daily activities of each girl including any special needs and after hours classes.
  • Ensure every girl feels valued and known by staff.
  • Oversee medical and pastoral needs of each girl when on duty.
  • Encourage each girl to engage fully in her academic and performance pursuits.
  • Ensure all leave is considered with due diligence


  • Ensure each staff member carries out their duties in accordance with her role description and is on duty according to the timetable set.


  • Ensure parents feel and know that their daughter is being well cared for.
  • Ensure all communications with each parent is respectful, factual and timely.


  • Participate in the College’s Professional Development programme.
  • Seek and participate in professional development opportunities relevant to this role. Eg ABSA
  • Valid Working With Children (WWC) number.
  • Maintain up to date First Aid in First Aid, CPR,
  • Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management Certification accreditation.
  • Attend student performances where possible.


1. Demonstrated ability and passion for looking after secondary aged girls.

2. Ability to establish positive, supportive relationships with the girls and their families

3. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with staff

4. Understanding the academic and pastoral needs of girls in boarding.

5. High level of organisational skills and the ability to sustain systems including electronic management systems.

6. Ability and willingness to communicate with teenage girls within the boundaries appropriate for a boarding house.

7. Valid Working With Children (WWC) number and First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis, Asthma Management Certification and ABSA Certificate in Boarding (or willingness to obtain).

8. Qualifications attained through ABSA will be an advantage but not essential.


Written applications should consist of addressed selection criteria and full CV and should be directed to Maxine Kohler, Principal of The McDonald College. Applications can be submitted electronically to her Personal Assistant, Leslea Smith at Applications, which must include the names and telephone contact number of two professional referees, should be received by 4pm Friday 22 September 2017.

Head of Boarding, Newington College, closes - 22 September 2017



  • Exceptional Staff Benefits
  • Excellent Facilities and Resources
  • Professional Learning Environment

About the College:

Newington College is a boys' school associated with the Uniting Church in Australia, founded in 1863 and a member of the GPS Association of NSW. Our vision is to provide an internationally respected education that empowers boys to become men of substance and resilience who make an active and positive contribution to society.

About the Position:

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a full-time permanent Head of Boarding commencing in Term 1, January 2018. A detailed position description is attached to this advertisement.

About you:

You will have experience or demonstrated interest with boarding and an appreciation and understanding of what is needed to oversee a successful boarding environment for boys.

You will be a registered teacher by the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) with appropriate teaching and tertiary qualifications.

You will have a demonstrated ability to relate well to boys, staff and parents with an understanding of the issues and strategies around the successful education of boys.

You will support the ethos of the Uniting Church and an Independent school for boys.

To Apply:

Please include a cover letter as the first page of your resume.  

Under Child Protection legislation, a current Working with Children Clearance is a prerequisite for all employees and volunteers within child-related employment. Applicants are requested to provide this clearance with their application.

Newington College will begin to review applications prior to the application closure date. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply promptly. Click here to apply. 

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 4:00 P.M. Friday 22 September 2017

For further information please visit

Boarding Assistant, Wenona School, Sydney, closes - 30 September 2017


Boarding Assistant 

(Permanent Part-time, 22 hours per week) 

Wenona values professional services staff who demonstrate a positive and proactive approach to their work and have a willingness to participate fully in the life of the School. We look for enthusiastic, dedicated and capable staff who demonstrate initiative, good humour, and professional behaviour and support the values and aims of the School as a global learning community. 

This position reports to the Head of Boarding and will commence in Term 4, 2017. 

Overview of the Boarding Assistant’s role 

This position has primary responsibility for ensuring that the day to day operations and strategic goals of the Boarding School are being met. 

All Boarding staff at Wenona are an integral part of the Boarding house. They play a significant role in ensuring that the boarders are safe, cared for, motivated, enthused and valued. We also aim to develop a position of trust between Boarding staff and the boarder. It is our mission to support the aims of the School and fully encourage every boarder to reach her potential. 

Staff are expected to exhibit professionalism in their dealings with boarders, parents and other Boarding staff and strive to achieve the highest standards in carrying out their duties following the boarding procedures. We are a unified team, treating communication as a priority, and value our boarding families and their involvement in the lives of their daughters whilst they are boarders with us at Wenona. Boarding staff are all role models for the girls and thus it is essential that they exhibit positive standards in every respect of their role when on duty. 

Our Boarding staff provide quality pastoral care and support as well as appropriate supervision in the general routine of Boarding students. As members of the Boarding staff team, you will play an important role in creating a positive, supportive and open culture which encourages full participation in the academic and extra-curricular programs within the School and the Boarding community these roles have a strong pastoral care focus. You will also play an important role with supporting the academic needs of the boarders to encourage success with their studies. 

The priority for the Boarding Assistant at all times is that they act to ensure that the Boarding house students are safe and nurtured in all that they undertake. The role includes helping the girls adhere to set guidelines with regard to daily schedules, school attendance, meals, prep supervision and all leave arrangements over the course of the weekend. 

The Boarding Assistant will have the capability to do many things at once and can change plans often and easily, as well as being able to concentrate on multiple events happening in and around their workspace. There will be constant interruption from students, colleagues, visitors and telephone calls and the Boarding Assistant will need to have the ability to work well in this type of environment. 

The position also presents an important impression of the School and the values that it represents. Professionalism, confidence, presentation and a calm, positive attitude under pressure must be maintained as well as the ability to maintain high levels of discretion and confidentiality in all circumstances. 

The position also contributes to the maintenance of a positive internal culture where service, integrity, kindness and humour are valued. 

Key priorities 

Indications that this job is being done successfully would include: 

  • Work in partnership with boarders and their families through open communication and nurturing authentic and professional working relationships to ensure the pastoral and academic needs of the boarders are met. 
  • Maintain a firm but fair attitude that is consistent and in keeping with the policies and practices of the Boarding school and be attuned to the overall, everyday needs of the boarders in your care and report any concerns to the Head of Boarding 
  • Overseeing prep, meals, bed times and room tidiness within the Boarding house as well as following precise lock-up procedures for the Boarding house each night, and operating alarms. Overnight stays at the Boarding house with early wake-up of students as required as well as dealing with minor medical concerns including the issuing and recording of basic medication 
  • Develop Year group specific activities to contribute to the Boarders’ program including supervision of Boarding students outside of school hours and the weekends on a rostered basis including managing student leave arrangements under the guidance of the Head of Boarding. 
  • Managing the Boarding Office area, answering phones, administration, reporting the upkeep and maintenance of the building duties and dealing with parents and visitors to the Boarding house 
  • Pre-term set-up and end of term close-down of the Boarding house. 
  • Work as an effective member of the Boarding community whose primary focus is to promote the holistic well-being of all boarders 
  • Lead by example, presenting as a positive role model in terms of behaviour grooming, hygiene and language 
  • Working knowledge of the legal obligations in relation to Duty of Care, Child Protection, Code of Conduct and WHS regulations and to support the policies and procedures in place. 
  • Attendance at all staff meetings and professional development days and events as requested by the Head of Boarding. 
  • Maintain an awareness of contemporary practices in areas relevant to this position and critically assess processes and activities, identify opportunities for improvement in service, efficiency and effectiveness and implement as appropriate.

Education and Experience 

  • NSW Working with Children Check 
  • Senior First Aid Certificate to be current at all times 
  • ABSA Duty of Care Certificate (to be gained within twelve months of appointment). 
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate (to be gained within twelve months of appointment). 
  • Prior experience in a Boarding house/nursing or teaching environment would be beneficial. 
  • A clear and compassionate understanding of adolescent girls is essential. 

Personal Attributes 

  • Ability to do many things at once and can change plans often and easily. 
  • Can easily adapt to constant interruption from students, colleagues, visitors and telephone calls. 
  • Committed to establishing relationships, shared connections and ensuring harmony between people. 
  • Ability to concentrate on multiple events happening in and around their workspace. 
  • Evidence of and commitment to continuing professional development 
  • Demonstrates initiative by identifying issues and recommending solutions 
  • Displays high level of accuracy and attention to detail with strong service orientation, integrity, ownership of work 
  • A sense of humour 

Wenona is an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age. 

Selection Criteria 

  • Demonstrate how you would exhibit professionalism when dealing with boarders in order to achieve the highest standards whilst carrying out boarding procedures 
  • Outline your ability to adapt to constant interruptions from students and colleagues 
  • Give an example of your experience in working with boarders and their families to ensure the pastoral and academic needs of the boarders are met 
  • Outline your understanding and obligations of child protection when working within a school 

General conditions of the role


  • Independent Schools NSW (Support and Operational Staff) Multi Enterprise Agreement 2017 


  • Boarding Staff 
  • Level 1 – Boarding Assistant 

Hours of work 

  • Permanent Part Time, Term time only 
  • Thursday: 7am – 10am  + 3pm – 11pm plus sleepover shift (11pm – 6am) 
  • Friday: 7am – 12pm 
  • Sunday: 10am – 4pm (activities) 
  • Note: The employee will be entitled to an amount per sleepover as set out in the Award. The School will provide accommodation and meals for any overnight shifts undertaken. 

School Holidays 

  • Boarding staff are paid year round and receive the same holidays as teaching staff. 

Reporting Line 

  • All positions report to the Principal 
  • The line manager for this position is the Head of Boarding 

Professional Learning 

  • You will be expected to attend and contribute to all staff professional development days and requirements as outlined in the School’s calendar 

Special Condition of the role 

  • The person applying for this role will need to be female as the role includes supervising of teenage girls as well as access to the girls in their sleeping and bathroom areas. 

Application process 

Applicants should send full curriculum vitae, a cover letter addressing the selection criteria, copies of qualifications and names of two referees to Wenona Principal Dr Briony Scott, Wenona School, 176 Walker Street, North Sydney 2060. Email all applications to

The successful applicant for this position will be required to provide the School with a current Working With Children Check number ( Please direct any questions or enquiries to Wenona HR Coordinator, Samantha Drabble on (02) 9409 4416.

Registered Nurse, St Stanislaus College, closes - 30 September 2017

Registered Nurse

About the business and the role

St Stanislaus' College Bathurst is a Day and Boarding School for Boys in Years 7 to 12.  The College is currently seeking applicants for the role of Registered Nurse on a casual basis (term time only).  Applications close 9am Friday 22 September 2017. 

Please visit to download Application Form and to review the Role Description. 

Appointment is subject to a current Working With Children Check Clearance.

Job tasks and responsibilities

The Registered Nurse contributes to the efficient and effective operation of the sick bay by providing primary health care, early detection and early intervention, emergency/crisis management, first aid and service delivery. 

The Registered Nurse will provide first aid care and medically prescribed services, prepare health reports for their supervisor as required, maintain student records ensuring confidentiality, maintain security of College health supplies, serve as a resource person on health issues, liaise with College Doctor regarding weekly doctor clinic and follow up required, assist with annual vaccination program and correspond with parents on health needs of their son.

This position is term time only covering week days and weekends.   

Skills and experience

  1. Registered Nurse accreditation. 
  2. Working knowledge of public health problems and procedures for treatment in coordination with other health and social service agencies. 
  3. Considerable knowledge of medical issues and treatment. 
  4. Proven ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, in a clear and concise manner. 
  5. Proven ability to meet deadlines and identify and deal with problems. 
  6. Proven ability to work effectively either as an individual or member of a team and relate effectively with students, staff and families on all levels. 

Elizabeth Woodside
Head of College Professional Assistant
St Stanislaus' College Bathurst
Ph: 02 6331 4177

Boarding Resident Assistants, Abbotsleigh School, closes - 30 September 2017

Boarding Resident Assistants

Residential role for females
Starting Term 4 2017

Abbotsleigh is an independent Anglican Girls' School at Wahroonga with a proud reputation for empowering young women with education since 1885. Approximately 900 girls are enrolled in the Senior School (Years 7 - 12), of which almost 180 are boarders. We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated and friendly females as Resident Assistants for our Boarding School to ensure the ongoing provision of a warm, caring and safe environment for our boarders.

This is a live-in position. The typical shift arrangement is 16 hours per week of a flexible roster involving some weekend supervision and activities, and / or prep, dinner and recreational supervision on weeknights. The Resident Assistant receives a room (bathroom shared with the other resident in the house) and all meals, internet access, a phone and use of the School's facilities on the Senior School campus. Residents typically work rosters of 16 hours of work per week in term time (12 hours per week in return for board plus 4 hours per week at $33.71 per hour). There is often the opportunity to earn extra money for relief work (such as administrative support elsewhere in the day school, exam time supervision etc) at the full applicable casual rate.  

Resident Assistants supervise the girls in each boarding house on a rostered basis for weeknight prep supervision and also when the Boarding Coordinator is off duty, usually around weekends. Residents may live on campus for the duration of the time they are employed at the School and do not need to leave during school holidays. The School's sporting facilities such as tennis courts, aquatic centre and fitness room (gym) are available for use by the resident staff. Other staff benefits include free broadband access to your own personal laptop or tablet and full borrowing rights at our technology-rich Library (Abbotsleigh Research Centre).

The successful applicants will be self-motivated and friendly, with compassion for adolescents and an awareness of the responsibility attached to the duty of care of the boarders. A senior first aid certificate (HLTAID003 or HLTAID004) and Working With Children check clearance are both prerequisite certifications for this role.

The role may suit postgraduate or part-time university students (particularly appealing to those studying Education) seeking a safe and supportive residential base in Sydney, close to rail and Macquarie University.


Click to view the Position Description.

Please include cover letter, detailed CV, copies of qualifications, WWC Clearance, First Aid Certivifate and references to

For more information please visit

Marlin House Residential Tutor, Brisbane Grammar School, closes - 30 September 2017

Harlin House Residential Tutor (Boarding)

Brisbane Grammar School is a non-denominational boys school of about 1700 students (Years 5-12) that overlooks the Brisbane CBD. The School maintains a strong tradition of academic excellence and operates extensive extracurricular and student wellbeing programs. 

Expressions of Interest are called for Residential Tutors for our Boarding facility (Harlin House) to commence as required.  No previous boarding experience is required, but those with an education background will already have skills that suit this role.  ​A Harlin House Tutor is provided with accommodation (yearlong) and meals (term time only) in return for two seven (7) hour shifts per week (during term time) - one in the working week and the other on the weekend (this is a Reportable Fringe Benefit). This is a contract role for Term 4 2017.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you please click the APPLY button. You will be directed to our website where you can download the full description and process.  Please ensure that you attach, in one document, all the requested information listed in the process when you submit your application.


Head f Boarding, Santa Maria College, closes - 2 October 2017

Head of Boarding

Santa Maria College is an all girls' Catholic College, founded by the Sisters of Mercy with 1,260 students from Year 5 to Year 12 which includes 152 boarders. Our boarding students live in our four boarding houses overlooking the Swan River in Attadale and are cared for by eight Boarding Supervisors.

We are seeking to appoint a Head of Boarding who possesses the skills required to lead the boarding community. The Head of Boarding is part of the College Management Team and requires a respect for and understanding of the Catholic faith and the Mercy charism. This individual will need to have an understanding of adolescent girls and the ability to foster good relationships with the students, teachers and parents. A desire to work enthusiastically with others to provide the best care for all boarding students is essential.  

The Head of Boarding is a full-time, ongoing position, commencing in January 2018.

Professional Criteria Required:

  • Model and maintain the Catholic and Mercy ethos and traditions of the College.
  • Comprehensive understanding of current educational issues, particularly the education of girls.
  • Exemplary leadership skills and experience in collaborative leadership. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal Skills including team building, coaching and mentoring.
  • An appropriate level of Information Communication Technology skills. 
  • An ongoing commitment to the needs of Boarding students and community.

The College provides an excellent teaching environment, with outstanding facilities. Our Mercy values provide the foundation of all we do and we have a strong Pastoral Care program. We offer a positive learning environment where all staff and students are encouraged to strive for excellence to reach their potential.

A full Position Description may be obtained on our website under Community then Employment.

Applications close on Monday, 2 October 2017 at 9.00 am.

Your application on SEEK should include:

Completion of the SEEK online application. 
A full Resume. 
A one page letter addressing your suitability for the role.

Homework Supervisor, Melbourne Grammar School, closes - 3 October 2017

Homework Supervisor

Casual, commencing as soon as possible.

Melbourne Grammar School is one of Australia's leading boarding and day schools, offering exceptional education to all of its students.

The School is organised into three campuses to meet the needs of different age groups. Our Junior School, Grimwade House (Prep to Year 6) is located in Caulfield, and is coeducational with 680 girls and boys. The Middle School, Wadhurst (Years 7 and 8), and Senior School (Years 9 to 12) are in South Yarra and cater for 1,120 boys - day students and boarders.

The Grimwade Club was established in 1991 to provide recreational activities and coaching for students after school. The activities vary, but include swimming, gymnastics, tennis, taekwondo, chess, language sessions, ball games and many others. Classes are graded according to ability and age.

Melbourne Grammar School is seeking an enthusiastic Grimwade Club Homework Supervisor, who can work to provide a stimulating and diverse programme relevant to the developmental needs of children attending the Homework Club, for students in Years 3-6. The Homework Supervisor will work closely with the Grimwade Club Coordinator, other staff, students and parents to continue to run a safe, enjoyable and productive programme.

The successful candidate must have a minimum of one year of experience working with young children in a school or similar setting and you must hold, or be willing to obtain, an Employee Working with Children Check.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your cover letter, curriculum vitae and the names of three referees via the MGS Careers Page.

Candidates are asked to address their cover letter to Ms Helen Voogt-Dillon, Director of Human Resources. 

Applications close Tuesday 3 October 2017.

355 St Kilda Road, Melbourne Victoria 3004 T +61 3 9865 7555   F +61 3 9865 7577 |

International School Graduate Interns, Harrow International School, closes - 6 October 2017

Operating in close association with Harrow School, London, the Harrow family of schools in Asia have a similar ethos and similar high standards. Set on a spacious, garden site in one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic cities, we are Harrow’s original school in Asia and are thriving, with a roll of almost 1,600 (20% of the Upper School are boarders), progressive approaches to learning, a strong commitment to service and outstanding academic results. 


International School Graduate Interns 

Harrow Bangkok seeks a Graduate Assistant for the forthcoming academic year. The post would suit a recent graduate of any discipline – who is considering pursuing a career in teaching. The successful candidate(s) will emerge, after a year, having been immersed in British boarding education, and the values it espouses. We are looking for applicants who have a good honours degree and who effortlessly command the respect and admiration of ambitious teenagers. Applicants are likely to see this post as an opportunity to burnish their credentials in a world-class school before pursuing a teaching career in the UK or overseas. 

This post offers the chance to spend two school terms or a full academic year in a highly professional educational environment, whilst having time to explore the rich culture of Thailand and South East Asia. As a member of the Boarding House Team, you would assist in boarding life, including supporting daily routines, activities and the general pastoral and academic needs of our boarders. The successful applicant will also play an active role in the wider life of the School. 

The package includes: 

  •  Monthly salary 
  •  Return Flight (payable on completion of programme) for overseas applicants 
  •  Accommodation and meals 
  •  Health Insurance 
  •  Visa costs covered 

Qualifications and personal qualities 

  •  Degree 
  •  Resilient and Flexible 
  •  Independent 
  •  Responsible 
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills, flexible, positive attitude and a great team worker 

If you feel you have the skill set required and wish to broaden your experience in a vibrant corner of the world, please apply. Positions available for a January or September 2018 start. 

Application deadline 6th October 2017 (early submission of applications are encouraged) Please submit your CV and an introductory letter directly to Harrow Bangkok at

Boarding Houseparent, St. John's Catholic College, closes - 8 October 2017

St John’s Catholic College is a co-educational day and boarding college providing quality Catholic education for students in Years 7-12. The College, established in 1960, seeks to challenge students to develop strength in the areas of Faith, Education, Community and Tradition.

HOUSEPARENT – Residential Community 


St. John’s Catholic College is looking for an experienced staff member to join our residential team as a senior houseparent to work in the Girl’s Boarding residence. The applicant must have a keen sense of compassion and care for young people whilst providing a pastoral care role and supporting educational outcomes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment to all students while fostering the Catholic ethos of the College.
  • Show a strong commitment to pastoral care, particularly when working with young people.
  • Be able to perform best practice of operations and adherence to College and community expectations.
  • Perform any necessary administrative duties including appropriate reporting and documenting of student behaviours and concerns for welfare.
  • Proven awareness of Indigenous and cross cultural community needs and sensitivities related to working in a cross cultural environment. 
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively and politely with students, parents, school staff and members of the public.

Selection Criteria:

  • A strong commitment to the Catholic ethos of our College.
  • Certificate IV in Residential Care / Youth Work / Social Work or willingness to undertake such study.
  • First Aid Certificate.
  • Current Ochre Card.
  • Ability to work in a cross cultural and occasionally challenging environment.
  • Strong organisational skills and abilities.
  • Highly motivated, self-reliant and responsible with good decision making skills.
  • Flexibility and willingness to co-operate with additional tasks set by the Director or Deputy Director of Boarding.

How to Apply:

Please submit CV and cover letter addressing the selection criteria in PDF or Word format.

To obtain further information about the role, please contact Scott Mannion, Director of Boarding at Email: or Phone: 08 8982 2222.

Please submit applications to:

Mr Scott Mannion, Director of Boarding via Email:

Tel: (08) 8982 2222   Fax: (08) 8982 2204

Boarding House Matron, Scotch College Melbourne, closes - 11 October 2017

Matron/House Manager - Boarding

Scotch College has been accepting boarders ever since the College was founded in 1851 and boarders are an integral part of the school community.  The boarding school is a welcoming and supportive community which emphasises the development of self confidence, independence and a tolerance and understanding of others.

Scotch College is seeking a caring and highly organised person to commence in 2018 as Boarding Matron/House Manager for one of our Boarding Houses.  This is a key residential role within the Boarding team, reporting to the Head of Boarding House, providing care and guidance to the boys.

As a full time presence in the House, working from Sunday evening through to Friday afternoon, the House Manager acts as an adult listener, confidant and supervisor.  

It is also important that the presentation of the boarding house and the boarding students is  maintained to a high standard.  The Boarding House Manager is required to work closely with the cleaning staff, boarding staff and students on a daily basis, to ensure that all necessary cleaning, housekeeping and boy-routine matters are attended to.   

The ideal candidate will have:

  • The ability to supervise and meet the pastoral care and welfare needs of adolescent boys
  • Understanding of the dynamics and operations of a Boarding School 
  • Well developed organisational and time management skills. 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • The ability to work independently and within a team 
  • Demonstrated initiative and judgement when required. 
  • The ability to manage and coordinate "housekeeping" duties. 
  • Level 2 First Aid 
  • Victorian Drivers Licence

Previous experience working with children and adolescents within an educational/care environment is highly desirable.  

Scotch College is fully committed to protecting children and young people from harm. We require all applicants who are to work with children and young people to undergo an extensive screening process prior to appointment.

Applications should be directed to the Administration Manager and close on Monday 11th October 2017.

Please apply through SEEK or via email

If you would like a copy of the position description please email


Boarding House Tutor, Anglican Church Grammar School, closes - 23 October 2017

Position Title – Boarding House Tutor

Start Date – January 2018


Selling dot points

  • South East Queensland leading independent boarding school 
  • Inner City Convenient location
  • Excellent Opportunity for an education student.

This role is an exciting opportunity for those studying, or new to teaching, and have a desire to gain experience in this prestigious, forward-thinking and high-achieving school.

Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) employs 4 Resident Tutors: between 2 boarding houses with 170 boarders in senior school years. Each Resident Tutor is attached to one specific House and is an important member of the School pastoral team under the guidance of the Housemasters and Director of Boarding. 

The main purpose of a Boarding House Tutor is to provide pastoral care and academic support to boarders.  Duties include assisting with wake-ups and bedtimes; organising activities; attending House functions and outings; and academic tutoring.

It is encouraged for Resident Tutors to be involved in the School’s co-curricular programme.

Please click on this link to access the position description.

Applications are to be: 

Addressed to Human Resources and submitted to by Monday 23 October, 2017.

Please forward a full resume along with a cover letter of 1 to 1.5 pages by providing/describing examples of actual work that has been done, or participation in relevant activities.

Include the name, address and telephone numbers (mobile numbers) of three (3) recent professional referees.


ABSA - Australian Boarding Schools Association