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Great resources from Danni Miller


Some great resources from Danni Miller:

Why students are packing prozac in their lunch boxes. "Australia has one of the highest rates of use of these medications in the world and a recent University of Sydney study found that there has been a particularly marked increase in the use of these drugs in children and adolescents."

Want narcissistic children? Shower them with praise. "It seems the self-esteem movement of the late 1960s, which encouraged parents to boost their child’s self-confidence regardless of any real merit, has had some undesirable and unexpected outcomes."
Hollywood finally realises women have stories to tell too: "How vital it is that we learn more about women’s stories; particularly considering much of what we learn at school in history is often so very male-centric."
Real men (and boys) aren't afraid to cry:  "Modern views on masculinity would have us believe blokes must be stiff upper-lipped and simply “man up” when overwhelmed. They are given permission to cry perhaps only when their children are born, or when a loved one dies.
Yet our reluctance to let males shed tears is relatively new..."
Ask Me Anything: 'How do I know if my friends like me?" "I'm ugly. Will I ever get a boyfriend?" Danni was thrilled to be asked to contribute to a book that is destined to become a teen-girl must-have; Rebecca Sparrow’s latest title for teen girls, Ask Me Anything (heartfelt answers to 65 anonymous questions from teenage girls).
How young men will put an end to domestic violence: "As an educator and author I’ve dedicated my career to date to working with young women; empowering them to know their worth, encouraging them to deconstruct limiting gender stereotypes and teaching them how to develop and maintain respectful relationships. But putting an end to violence against women and children cannot just be the work of women; we desperately need the passion, creativity and hard work of good men too..."
I also wrote this month's feature read for Kids On The Coast Magazine: Things we must stop saying to our daughters. "Pink is for girls girls....Don't be bossy!...That skirt is sending out the wrong message..."

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