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ICPA launches campaign to bring about change


The Isolated Children’s Parents Association (ICPA) announces the launch of a campaign to bring about change for country kids.

Country kids want to be educated. Country kids need to be educated.

However, for many rural and remote Australian children access to a compulsory secondary education is being impacted by rising costs.

This must change.

Improving the educational opportunities for rural and remote students requires a nation-wide approach that ensures national consistency no matter where education is provided. The financial cost to families educating children in rural locations continues to rise and can be attributed to many leaving these areas.

ICPA’s Federal President, Mrs Wendy Hick said,” Our organisation is confronted on a daily basis by the drastic measures families are taking in order to meet the educational needs of their children. The time has come for change. No longer can Australians ignore the calls for help from country families. The cost of education is unsustainable and impacting families and the workforce in rural and remote areas.”

ICPA is calling on all members of parliament, media representatives and fellow Australians to join the campaign for change, to ensure families get the support they need to stay in the bush. Education costs to families must be addressed as a matter of urgency.

A focus throughout the campaign will be gathering comprehensive details from ICPA members to support the concerns being raised regarding the high costs of educating children away from home during their secondary education.

ICPA is calling for;

A significant increase in AIC boarding allowance Read more

Short term assistance when experiencing financial hardships in the form of a Drought Education

Fund. Read more It is time for change.

For further information and comments please contact:
Nikki Macqueen, Federal Publicity Officer ICPA Australia Ph: 0417 793 705 Email:

Wendy Hick, Federal President ICPA Australia Ph: 07 4995 3266 Email: 

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